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PostSubject: Dogs of War   Dogs of War Icon_minitimeSun Feb 19, 2012 4:10 am


I am Andrew, CiniX in game. I will be representing our alliance on these forums and hope negotiations further peace between us, possible friendship, and of course fun! Our alliance is happy to assist you with intelligence, resource trade, and anything you might have questions about. We are run by a council of five: Praetor(Ambassador)~Me, Quartermaster(internal relations/fleet logistics)~"Lady" Cinabar, Brigadier General(war master)~Morgamus, webmaster~Mastercheif is considering applying for the test, and Master of Espionage~Open. These councilors are assisted by an apprentice under them, who fill in for them in their absence and assist them in their field of expertise. Our growth plan includes breaking the alliance into Legions, led by a councilor, apprentice, or a Duke. These legions are designed to band together groups that know each other in real life or that function particularly well as a team for acs purposes and so that the council does not get overwhelmed with managing a large alliance, if we grow that far. We have had ups and downs, but always manage to survive. At several points we climbed to over thirty members and ranked among the top alliances. As it stands now, we are in need of recruitment, but that will be attended to. Most of us are miners and are a fairly laid back group, so I wouldn't expect stellar performance from our fleeting, but our loyalty is unmatched and our resolve is unending. With that in mind, we continue to strive on, hoping one day to gain the respect and admiration of all Ogame.

When I first saw your alliance page, I noted that your knight based theme seemed to encourage a spirit of brotherhood and teamwork. I also noted a subtle display of character and integrity. This is why I contacted you, so that we might expand the influence of these qualities across the universe. These are the kind of ideas that will make Ogame prosper. We believe once enough alliances stop focusing on purely profit and crushing anyone and everyone, we will be more able to assist new players and focus on ideas to make the game even more fun. Those alliances that focus on elitist and account killer ideals and care little for the prosperity of the game are a good challenge, and can be viewed as an integral part of the struggle between good and evil, thus making the game more fun. However, if good men do nothing and let those ideals rule the universe, we will surely see the steady decline of the game as a whole. Thus, to counter their tactics, which are mighty, the Dogs of War have devised a necessity to band honor bound alliances together in an effort to keep them at bay. The balance must be maintained. While we endeavor on this epic path, may we all enjoy the journey together, learning and creating friendships through adventure and adversity.

Feel free to ask any questions about the Phoenix Coalition initiative, rising from the ashes. We look forward to strengthening our relationship.

Honor guide you,
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Dogs of War
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