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PostSubject: Saaw   Wed Nov 07, 2007 6:03 am

Hi. Cool forums.
Points: 72.999
Style of Play: Mostly Defensive. But agressive if someone attacks me.
I've got a couple ppl on farm status but they're inactive.
Usually when I get attacked I retaliate.
My main planet's 1:29 along with my 2ndairy farm.
I got some planets around 2:56 and in 3:3
my previous alliance? CBWGSM
my previous alliance wasnt to helpful. if you would get attacked they wouldnt help defend ya or retaliate kind of in part because we all started playin at the same time and progression was kind of slow. They banned playing the game now so it's gonna get pretty stagnant and I plan to continue playin so i'm lookin 4 another alliance.

I dont really know anyone from cov, they seem pretty mellow i've never been attacked by a cov member (that i can remember) but "Nature" is really close to some of my plants by 1:12

I'm in the EST time zone. I play alot of warcraft. 70 rogue/priest on tichondrius. uh.. i drink alot on the weekends =P (which is when i always get fleet crashed!) lol! i just started watching tv again. Whoevers idea it was to start putting tv shows on their websites is the smartest guy ever. Heros and Dr House MD are the coolest shows. I play games to have fun and pass time.

Couple questions above cov. if i may?
Do you guys only talk in forums, or do you talk in the game?
Does cov do alot of acs attakcs or defends?
Are you guys more agressive, defensive?
Where are most of you guys from?
Where did the name come from?

thanks in advance for the consideration

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PostSubject: Re: Saaw   Tue Nov 13, 2007 12:54 pm

Hello Very Happy

Nice to see you've posted on the boards Smile

I am mostly defensive, a large turtler, and miner, but if a friend is attacked, build fleet in no time Wink

I'm from england by the way
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